The overall objectives of Cluster Meat are:

Adaption of process and meat quality analysis verify the higher meat quality
after treatment

The techniques impact on product quality will be next to the development of the
prototype a focus of the project. An acceleration of meat maturing and an
improvement of meat quality is expected. Reducing the maturation time will improve the competitiveness of small and medium sized meat processes; the improvement of meat quality will allow a standardization and reduction of variations in quality of different cuts. The evaluation of process-product interactions, the tenderness as well as shelf life will ensure that the final meat product meets the consumer expectations for a high quality and safe product.
Reports will describe the effect of the shock wave technology on the chosen food products (pork, beef) and will consider the tenderization of the meat and compare it with existing tenderizing technologies. The impact of the technology on the shelf life of the packed product will be investigated as well as the functional ability of shock wave on functional properties of raw material that will be later used for sausage production.

Main partners of this meat objective are: HIK, HVSL and DTI.