Danish Technological Institute (DTI)

Danish Technological Institute

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is a self-owned and non-profit institution. Their most important task is to ensure that new knowledge and technology can quickly be converted into value for the industry in the form of new or improved products, materials, processes and methods.
The Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI) is a division in DTI and has over fifty years of experience within research and development for the Danish and international meat sector. DMRI has close correlations via mutual projects to University of Copenhagen, Danish Technological University; Aarhus University, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences; University College Dublin; Norwich Institute of Food Research. DTI has staff of 974 employees.

Main roles/competences

Main roles DMRI will be responsible for investigating and documenting all relevant quality aspects, shelf life and functional properties related to meat and processed meat.

DTI has been chosen as RTD partner as the technical expertise at DMRI covers all aspects of the farm to fork ‘chain and include animal welfare, transportation, stunning, slaughtering, chilling, processing technology, automation, food safety, shelf life, hygiene and eating quality. Contractually, they will be one of the RTD performers of the consortium and as such will not have any ownership rights to its results.

DMRI have the following equipment: Export authorized pilot plant facilities for producing all kinds of meat products, including the processes of: mincing; mixing; multineedle injection; tumbling; cooking; smoking; ma-packaging. They have: certified microbiology laboratory; certified chemical laboratory including equipment for doing texture and color analysis; certified sensory laboratory and certified olfactory laboratory.