Promatec Food Ventures BV (PFV)

Promatec Food Ventures is a Dutch SME founded in 2006 and producing and selling modern technologies for the food industry. Promatec Food Ventures is one of the leading providers of advanced processing technologies in the Benelux. Focus of the company is to produce top-quality products as well as customized technology solutions. Known for its flexibility and based on craftsmanship Promatec Food Ventures covers all production processes to deliver customized solutions.

Main role/competences

PFV is chair of the Steering Committee.

PFV has the highest investment cost in ShockMeat and is the driving force among the SMEs in the project. According to the benefit described below PFV set up in collaboration with DIL a consortium to develop a continuously shock wave equipment. PFV has competences in constructing and delivering machines for the food processing industry.


The development of a marketable shock wave application would be a milestone for the meat processing industry. Once developed the application of this technology might be developed to be applied for other food products as well. The shock wave technology will strengthen the companies’ portfolio considerably. Promatec expects a high economic impact for the micro-size company that is specialized on customized engineering and machinery solutions for the food processing industry

High benefit by new/ improved product

  • New and innovative product as part of the technology portfolio, not on the market available so far

Medium benefit by new/ improved process:

  • New process, extending the toolbox for meat processing solutions
  • New findings when developing prototype
  • Guideline for development of prototype
  • Experience during development might be used for other process developments

Low benefit by new / improved services:

  • New techniques implemented into the portfolio
  • Benefit for equipment sales, service and consultancy: high expertise about technology developed

High benefit by expanding the existing market

  • Significant expansion of existing market by extension of product portfolio
  • Physical technique to improve meat tenderness with high market potential
  • SME able to offer a technique for a the highly competitive market of meat processing